2018 Annual Insurance Crime Bureau Industry Breakfast

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On Wednesday 19th September 2018, The Insurance Crime Bureau hosted its Annual Industry Breakfast, which coincided with our 10TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY of fighting organised insurance crimes and fraud within South Africa. The event was a great success and well supported by our members, associate members, partners and stakeholders, it gave an overview of the past, present and future of the organisation. The event was a great opportunity to showcase how together the collective resources of our members, associate member insurance companies, law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders have facilitated the detection, prevention and mitigation of insurance crimes, as well as assisting in the prosecution of repeat offenders and fraudsters through ongoing insurance fraud investigations in the Short Term and Life Insurance industries.

Only through collaboration and cooperation between Public Private Partnerships can we truly make a difference in our country. We thank all of our partners for their continued support in our common goal to eradicate crime in South Africa.

As a reference, you can download the 2018 Annual Insurance Crime Bureau Industry Breakfast presentation below. 

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Organised Disruption

The theme for the 2018 Annual Insurance Crime Bureau Conference was centered around “Organised Disruption”, and how we as Insurance Industries and involved parties can significantly disrupt syndicated criminal activities through our common efforts and partnerships. We also examined the latest case studies, and our speakers and industry experts discussed what we need to do in South Africa to have a significant impact on fraud and the related crimes. Only through collaboration is The Insurance Crime Bureau truly able to fulfill our mission of fighting organised crime in the insurance and assurance industries.

As a reference, you can download the 2018 Insurance Crime Bureau Conference agenda below, as well as the associated presentations.

2018 Conference Presentations

How important is it to develop people in order to grow South Africa?

Angela Mhlanga - Hollard Partner Solutions

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Organisational Ethics and how to stay on the right side.

René Otto - MiWay

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Using technology to identify, track & combat syndicated crime.

David Hartley - SAS

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The Insurance Crime Bureau past, present and future.

Hugo van Zyl - The Insurance Crime Bureau

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The possible impact of Crime Analysis on Organised Crime.

Dr. Dr. Chris de Kock - Consultant / Analyst

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How to identify, validate and recover your Assets.

Roland Wöerner - Mohawk Security

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The War on Clones and using Natis to identify syndicates.

Louwrens Liebenberg - The Insurance Crime Bureau

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Doing business in the Life Industry, and the need to act on fraud as a community.

Anton Keet - 1Life

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Changes at the RTMC and the future potential

Kevin Kara-Vala - Road Traffic Management Systems

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Technology: An Asset Authentication System.

Craig Wahl - DataDot

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The role of the Financial Intelligence Centre

Pieter Alberts - Financial Intelligence Centre

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Using Cross Industry Data to Identify and Fight fraud.

Manie van Schalkwyk - South African Fraud Prevention Services

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Profiling using Data and Predictive Analytics.

Manoj Chiba - Zetta Solutions

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