Leihlo La Sechaba: Cloned cars

Posted On: Sep 27, 2017

More and more South Africans are falling victims to crime syndicates who steal or hijack vehicles with the purpose of reselling them back into the economy with fraudulent documents. 

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Talking fraud, crime and using data with Garth De Klerk

Posted On: Jul 28, 2017

Tony Van Niekerk Editor of Cover magazine interviews Garth De Klerk CEO of The Insurance Crime Bureau on fraud, crime and using data at the 2017 IISA Conference in Suncity.

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The Insurance Crime Bureau - News & Views...Murder, Theft, Fraud & Corruption...

By: FA News

Posted On: Jul 25, 2017

The Insurance Crime Bureau recently received information as regards to a number of what appeared to be “simple un-natural death” claims.

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Who you gonna call?

By: Katya Stead, financial services journalist

Posted On: Jul 18, 2017

Something strange in your insurance practice? Wave goodbye to the SAICB and say hello to the new look Insurance Crime Bureau – now serving life…

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45 Stolen and hijacked vehicles seized in Durban


Posted On: Jul 08, 2017

Police officers from the Vehicle Crime Investigation Unit embarked on a project to trace and recover stolen and hijacked vehicles that are in the hands of members of the community. 

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Big Data: The Key to Eradicating Insurance Fraud

By: South Africa Insurance Association

Posted On: Jul 07, 2017

By using data smartly, and shifting the focus from the point of claim to the point of policy creation, insurers can reduce fraud. By Jonathan Lewarne, Senior Director: Insurance Business Development at TransUnion

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